Microwave heating and microfluidics

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"Microwave heating and microfluidics"

koje će održati dr. sc. Tomislav Marković (KU Leuven, Belgija) u srijedu18. srpnja 2018. godine, u 12.15 sati u Sivoj vijećnici na Fakultetu elektrotehnike i računarstva u Zagrebu.

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A volumetric way of microwave heating accompanied with selectivity, speed and efficiency lead to engineered temperature profiles that allowed breakthroughs and novel discoveries in biology, chemistry and medicine. These microwave-life science breakthroughs can be further extended, accelerated, and scaled by applying microwave techniques to engineer microwave heating on various scales, ranging from microliters and litres in flow and bulk. In this talk, we will explore three microwave-microfluidic platforms for heating of droplets and continuously flowing liquids that are bringing new horizons to life science research.



Tomislav Marković was born in Zagreb, Croatia. He received B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in electrical engineering and information technology from the University of Zagreb, Zagreb, Croatia in 2011 and 2013, respectively. During bachelor studies, he worked on design of a six-port junction, while during his master studies he worked on a design of a broadband measurement system for fast waveforms in collaboration with ON Semiconductor and National Instruments offices in Belgium. In addition, during master studies, he has spent one year studying abroad at KU Leuven, as a part of Erasmus exchange. In 2018, he obtained Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from KU Leuven, under the mentorship of Bart Nauwelaers and Ilja Ocket. During the Ph.D. research, he was working on microwave heating for microfluidics and was involved in investigation of various topics dealing with dielectric sensing, system integration and project applications within the framework of microwave and mm-wave research for life sciences. Currently, he is a post-doctoral researcher at Division ESAT-Telemic, Department of Electrical Engineering-ESAT, KU Leuven. 

Autor: Adrijan Barić
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