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"Development and Characterization of Carbon-Fiber Based Magnetically Loaded Microwave Absorber Material"

koje će održati prof. Branimir Pejčinović (Portland State University) u četvrtak, 21. prosinca 2017. godine, u 13.15 sati u Sivoj vijećnici na Fakultetu elektrotehnike i računarstva u Zagrebu.

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Shielding of electronic devices is important for reasons ranging from regulatory to proper device functioning, and in applications from defense to consumer electronics. We report on the development and characterization of a novel absorber material based on micron-sized ferrite beads and mm-length carbon fibers which are deposited electrostatically using flocking process. The material is thin, lightweight, broadband and customizable with respect to frequency and amount of absorption. Absorber was characterized in X-band using NRL arch measurement and it exhibited broadband attenuation ranging from around -10 dB at the edges of X-band to a peak of -46 dB at 11.1 GHz, which compares favorably with existing commercial solutions. Absorber permittivity and permeability were extracted using waveguide measurements for incorporation into EM simulations. It was determined that attenuation comes from both electric and magnetic field losses. Entire characterization process was verified by comparison with known absorber material and good agreement was found.


CV of Prof. Branimir Pejčinović:

Branimir Pejcinovic received Dipl.-Ing. degree from University of Zagreb, and M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He is currently Professor at Portland State University, Electrical and Computer Engineering department. He has led department-wide changes in curriculum with emphasis on project- and lab-based instruction and learning. He is currently involved in course and curriculum development focusing on professional skills development and research-based instructional strategies. He was awarded best-paper award by ECE division of ASEE in 2017 for his work on freshman engineering course development.

He is a director of IC Design and Test Lab which focuses on high-frequency test and characterization of ICs.  His research interests are in the areas of semiconductor device characterization, design and simulation, including SiGe BJTs, GaAs FETs, strained-SOI CMOS, low-bandgap FETs,  photodetectors, and signal integrity. He helped establish a unique THz measurement facility at PSU and is pursuing research in THz measurements and applications. Most recently, he has been involved in development and characterization of novel carbon-fiber based microwave absorbers.

He was a Technical Program Committee co-chair for two conferences: International Conference on Electronics, Circuits and Systems (ICECS) 2002 and MELECON 2004. He also served on the Technical Program Committee for International Microwave Symposium from 2000 to 2003.


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