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Everyday is a new day in our careers — with opportunities unfolding that we might not even have expected. We may go to work full of optimism, only to learn that the project we’ve been working on has been canceled or delayed and we need to find a new assignment — or even a new employer. Or we may get a call from a recruiter offering a new job that meets all our dreams. We just may have a normal day at the office, which may leave us satisfied — or perhaps wanting more. In any case, we should ask ourselves: “How would I respond to any of these scenarios? Do I view them as opportunities for change or challenges to the status quo?”


This collection of articles from Today’s Engineer will help you to prepare for career transitions, whether changing projects, employers or career paths. These articles can help you with a job search; plan for retirement; update your resume; or learn about current trends in engineering employment.


We all have doubts and concerns about our careers and how current trends will impact us. With the information in these articles, you’ll be able to take control of your career and the direction it’s moving in. The best time to plan for change is when the economy is strong and the opportunity presents itself. The time is now to add credentials, assess your skills, build your network, do your financial planning and consider changing employers — even industries.


If you’re just starting out in your career, you’ll find articles that will help you plan your career path, and decide if you will take a management track or a technical track; and how to find that first job and future jobs. You’ll learn to assess opportunities with your current employer, and identify when to make a change in employers and industries; and see clearly why retirement planning is important to your financial plan.


For mid-career professionals, these articles will provide information on current trends in resumes, interviewing and industry practices; help you plan for your financial future, while you take care of today’s needs; show you how to deal with losing a job and finding a new one in an evolving economy; assist you in assessing your skills and identifying the companies offering the best opportunities; guide you in overcoming the mid-career blues and selling your experience to potential employers.


We know that retirement is changing and that the model of the past — coming to a full stop — will no longer be true for many engineers. New options, such as phased retirement and consulting, are what people want to pursue. People want flexibility in their jobs, but still want to find work engaging. Some may want to explore an overseas assignment.


Opportunity is everywhere in a global economy, and not just in your home country. For those that are motivated or interested, emerging countries are looking for engineers to help build infrastructure and develop industry and technology. Whether just starting out or finishing your career, an international assignment can be a career highlight.


Change is a given in an engineering career, and today’s job market offers an incredible set of opportunities. The articles in this e-book can help you to handle almost any situation you might face in your career. To take advantage of whatever comes your way — be prepared, be aware, and be willing to take a chance. Enjoy this book — and good luck with your career!


Paul J. Kostek

Vice-President, IEEE-USA Career Policy

Chair, IEEE-USA Communications Committee

1999 IEEE-USA President

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