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Odjel za obradbu signala Hrvatske sekcije IEEE, poziva vas na predavanje koje će održati Dr. Antal Nagy sa Sveučilišta u Szegedu, Mađarska, pod naslovom:

    "Discrete and Emission Discrete Tomography and Applications"

Predavanje će biti održano u srijedu, 24. listopada, u zavodskoj knjižnici na Zavodu za elektroničke sustave i obradbu informacija, FER-a,  od 9:15-12:00 sati. Predavanje se sastoji od tri cjeline po jedan sat, s pauzama nakon svakog sata.

Kratka informacija o predavaču, te sažetak predavanja dani su u opširnijoj obavijesti.

Discrete and Emission Discrete Tomography and Applications

Tomography is an imaging procedure where the cross-sections of the 3D object being studied are determined from its projection images. The projection images can be created by some rays that are emitted from a source (like X-rays from an X-ray tube), transmitted through and partially absorbed by the object, and finally detected by some array (plane or line) of detectors. The pixels of the projection image represent the total absorption of the rays along the lines between the source and the corresponding detector elements.

Discrete tomography (DT) is a special kind of tomography that can be applied if the object to be reconstructed consists of only a few known homogeneous materials (e.g., metal and wood). This information can be incorporated into the reconstruction process, giving one the opportunity of reconstructing simple objects from a much smaller number of projection values than is necessary for more complex objects. For this reason discrete tomography seems to be important in applications where the object is so simple and there is no opportunity or it is too costly to acquire lots of projections, like those in non-destructive testing, electron microscopy and medicine.

In Emission Discrete Tomography (EDT) model the whole space is filled with some homogeneous absorbing material and the function to be reconstructed represents an objectemitting radioactive rays into the surrounding space. Accordingly, the measurements in EDT are so-called absorbed projections. They depend on both the emitting object and the absorption.


About the Lecturer

Dr. Antal Nagy
Assistant professor at
Department of Image Processing and Computer Graphics University of Szeged

Research areas

  • Discrete Tomography
  • Medical Image Processing
  • Medical Image Formats
  • Picture Archiving and Communication Systems


  • DIscrete REConstruction Techniques (DIRECT)
  • Image segmentation (GE):
  • Responsible: DICOM RT Structure, workflow: pre and post rocessing
  • URIN analyze (77 Elektronika)
  • Interfile DICOM conversion software support of the QA
  • project (IAEA)
  • Picture Archiving and Communication System (SZOTE-PACS)
  • Interfile DICOM converter package(IDICON)
  • Educational Picture Processing Kit (PicKit)



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