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IEEE Student Branch in the University of Zagreb was founded in 1994. on the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.
Currently has over 200 members.
Student Branch office is located in basement of Faculty's C building.


Following IEEE's goal to advance global prosperity by fostering technological inovation, IEEE Student Branch Zagreb finds it's mission to create a consciousness about possibilities in making careers in technology. IEEE SB Zagreb is taking various activities to assure methamorphosis of a student into a qualified expert with a promising career.


Becoming a member, student gets combination of various resources for work, and an oportunity to network with colleagues and at the same time acquiring skills to participate on knowledge market. Students are being profiled as superior individuals with experience on different projects. We provide this seemingly small but significant advantage which can be major turnover in achieving personal goals.


IEEE Student Branch and all activities are in coherence with the Constitution and IEEE Acts. Our mission is to promote professional enviroment among students on fields of electronics, computer engineering, electrotechnics and information sciences, and to foster positive atmosphere. We are trying to be a link in student-faculty-board communication and offer relevant information for future career in engineering. Also, we help to create and make stronger connections with community of professional technology.


We encourage students in all fields of technology to become an IEEE member and help out in our activities in Croatia and abroad.