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Your IEEE membership is paid by credit card (Visa, Diners, MasterCard or Amex). The credit card doesn't have to be owned by you (the new member).

Step by step instructions for becoming a member:

  • Choose Join IEEE from the Membership menu

  • Choose Join IEEE today

    • Choose I am applying for student membership (undergraduate or graduate)
    • Click Next
    • Choose your current student status – I am currently a registreted undergraduate student
    • Choose your undergraduate programEngineering or Computer Sciences and Information Technologies
    • Confirm your university is accredited in Croatia– Yes
    • Confirm you are taking at least 50% of a full time academic programYes
    • Click Next
  • Fill out the required personal information and the information regarding the faculty and click Next
    • Enter “zagreb” in the first field and click on Get school list
    • Choose University of Zagreb from the school name list
    • Choose Engineering (foreign) for the degree program

    • Choose your program or course of study
    • Enter your expected graduation date
    • Click Next
  • The membership package table initially only contains your basic membership:

    • For joining one or more technical societies choose Join a Technical Society. After joining, the selected technical society appears in the membership package table:

    • For supporting women in engineering and joining the Women in Engineering Directory choose Join IEEE Women in Engineering
    • Choose Next
    • Check the first check box if you don't want to receive e-mails from IEEE
    • Check the second check box if you don't want to be visible in the IEEE member  directory
    • Check the third check box and enter the member no. of the member that encouraged you to join
    • Click Next
  • Recheck all the entered information and click Checkout
  • Carry out the credit card transaction

We recommend that you immediately follow the link for creating a web user account. You simply have to enter a user name and password for your account on the appropriate web page. You may freely choose you user name and password.

For all questions please contact us: