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What is Remote Reality?

koje će održati 

Srđan Kovačević iz tvrtke Orqa

u srijedu, 2. prosinca 2020. godine s početkom u 10:00 sati putem platforme Zoom.

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Sažetak predavanja:

In this lecture, Srdjan Kovacevic, the CEO of Orqa will explain how playing with drones led the company from ‘doing stuff with drones’ to 5G and something they came to call Remote Reality, and speak about challenges one faces when attempting to do low-latency video systems.

O predavaču:
Srdjan is a co-founder and CEO at Orqa.

In his previous life, Srdjan was a senior finance professional, with more than 10 years experience in financial industry, mainly in asset management. He was a Chairman of the Management Board in Croatia's €150m sovereign equity fund, and a Head of Risk Management and Compliance in Croatia's largest asset management company. 

He earned academic degrees from University of Oxford (MSc in Mathematical Finance) and University of Zagreb (dipl.ing. in Mechanical Engineering). He is a Certified Pension Fund Manager and Certified Investment Advisor.

Orqa is a full-stack engineering team with expertise in electronics, optics, mechanical engineering, firmware, backend, and mobile software development. Their core specialty is video headsets and ultra-low-latency video transmission systems. 

Ultimately, Company's goal is to create a technology that will enable immersive, real-time experience of remote real world environments. Orqa calls this Remote Reality (RR). 


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