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"ROS 2 and Robotics – Why do we need a “Linux” for Robots?"

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Denis Štogl, Karlsruhe, Njemačka.

Predavanje će se održati u ponedjeljak, 22. svibnja 2023. godine u 17.00 sati u Sivoj vijećnici FER-a. Predavanje se održava na engleskom jeziku i otvoreno je za sve zainteresirane. Predviđeno trajanje predavanja je 45 minuta, nakon čega slijedi 30 min predviđenih za pitanja i raspravu. Životopis predavača i sažetak predavanja nalaze se u nastavku obavijesti.

With the release of ROS 2 Foxy in 2020, many core modules became available for broader usage, and broader adoption of ROS 2 by the industry and research institutions has started. Now three years later, some features become great, and some stayed less great. The talk will discuss both of those sides, displaying opportunities, advantages, and drawbacks of ROS 2 in research and product development. The second part of the talk will focus on the control libraries for ROS and how they interact with Manipulation (MoveIt2) and Navigation (Nav2) stacks – which makes it the “kernel” of ROS 2 for communicating with robots.

Dr.-Ing. Denis Stogl is a Robotics Engineer with a background in Automation, Electrical, and Control Engineering. In his more than ten years of experience with ROS, he worked in various fields and problems, e.g., mobile robot design and development, industrial robots and cobots integration, and its control. During all these years, he became a real "T"-Roboticist with an excellent understanding of mechanics, electronics, and software, specializing in low-level robot control. Based on his experience with ros_control and “connecting” hardware to ROS, he joined the development of ros2_control framework from its beginning and contributed most of its current modular design. He is one of the maintainers and leading contributors to the libraries and simulators with a focus on robot control. In 2021 he started a company specializing in consulting and integrating robots into ROS2 and located "in the middle" of Europe – Karlsruhe, Germany. One of his notable clients is PickNik Inc., where Denis is the main advisor regarding robot control with ROS2.


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