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High-Performance Microwave Transmitters and Receivers

koje će održati Zoya Popovic, istaknuta profesorica s University of Colorado, Boulder, USA. Predavanje će se održati u srijedu 31. svibnja 2023. godine s početkom u 11:00 sati u Sivoj vijećnici.

Predviđeno trajanje predavanja s raspravom je 60 minuta. Predavanje je otvoreno za sve zainteresirane, a posebno pozivamo studente. Više o predavačici i predavanju možete pročitati u opširnijem sadržaju obavijesti.

High-Performance Microwave Transmitters and Receivers

Zoya Popovic

Distinguished Professor and Lockheed Martin Endowed Chair

Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering

University of Colorado, Boulder


This talk presents an overview of research in the Microwave Research Group at the University of Colorado Boulder, with a more detailed discussion of two projects. First, power amplifiers (PAs) with high efficiency and good linearity for signals with wide instantaneous bandwidths (>100MHz) and high peak-to-average power ratios (PAPR > 10dB) will be overviewed. Examples of supply modulation of different X to K-band GaN PAs are discussed. An overview of W-band GaN MMIC PAs and other front-end circuits is also given.  The second topic is a receiver project for near-field internal temperature measurements of the human body. In this approach, the total blackbody power from a tissue stack is received by a 1.4-GHz probe placed on the skin. Temperature retrieval for sub-surface tissue layers is performed using near-field weighting functions, obtained by full-wave simulations with known tissue complex electrical parameters. Measurements are presented using a calibrated Dicke radiometer at 1.4GHz for various phantom tissues. It is shown that temperature can be tracked within a fraction of a degree for a phantom muscle tissue layer under phantom fat and skin layers.


Short bio:

Zoya Popovic is a Distinguished Professor and the Lockheed Martin Endowed Chair of Electrical Engineering at the University of Colorado. She obtained her Dipl.Ing. degree at the University of Belgrade, Serbia, and her Ph.D. at Caltech. She has graduated over 70 PhD students and currently advises 18 graduate students in various areas of high-frequency electronics and microwave engineering. She is a Fellow of the IEEE and the recipient of two IEEE MTT Microwave Prizes for best journal papers, the White House NSF Presidential Faculty Fellow award, the URSI Issac Koga Gold Medal, the ASEE/HP Terman Medal and the German Humboldt Research Award. She was named IEEE MTT Distinguished Educator in 2013 and a Distinguished Research Lecturer of the University of Colorado in 2016. She is a Member of the National Academy of Engineering (2022). She has a husband physicist and three daughters who can all solder.

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