Practical Aspects and Tends in the...

Odjel za energetsku elektroniku (PEL 35) i Odjel za industrijske primjene (IA34) Hrvatske sekcije IEEE pozivaju vas na predavanje: 

Practical Aspects and Tends in the Development and Design of Electrical Drives

koje će se održati, u sklopu ovogodišnje konferencije SpliTech (, u četvrtak 22. 6. 2023. godine u vremenu od 14:30 – 15:00 h, u hotelu Elaphusa (Bol).

Životopis predavača i sažetak predavanja nalaze se u nastavku obavijesti.

Sažetak predavanja

Over last 50 years industrial drives have been subject to significant improvements. The development was driven primarily by the advances or power electronics devices transitioning from thyristors with soft switching commutation over silicon-based junction device (slow BJT and faster IGBTs), towards modern nowadays drives with SiC and GaN (very fast switching) channel devices. Power devices have been driving size, efficiency, and the development of power converter topologies. Operation and performances were further significantly influenced by advancements in control hardware (combinations of microprocessors and FPGAs) and control algorithms with model-based design, reaching nowadays amazing flexibility and creativity in implementation.

The talk will start with historic overview of power converters driven by technology advancements in power devices, control hardware and software/algorithms. The starting point will be availability of hard switching bipolar transistors (BJT) in the middle of 1970-ties replacing thyristors in line or load commutated soft - switching converters. The introduction of hard switching device resulted with explosion in the development of new power converter topologies. Some of the most popular in industry: nonregenerative 2 level, 3 level DC/AC, 3 phase regenerative back-to-back AC/DC/AC converters, regenerative direct frequency changes – Matrix Converters, current source, Z DC link, Vienna and resonant converters will be compared. Practical implementation, EMI, thermal management, and reliability issues as major part of the design of industrial drives will be presented. The talk will be concluded with future challenges, trends and opportunities arriving from new SiC and GaN device in drive designs.


Životopis predavača

Dr. Vladimir Blasko received PhD, MSc and BSc, from the University of Zagreb, Croatia all in Electrical Engineering. He holds the position of LM Fellow at Sikorsky Aircraft Corp. Previously he was a Senior Fellow, Fellow and Power Electronics group leader at United Technologies Research Center, Fellow and Principal Engineer at Otis Elevator Company, Principal Engineer at Rockwell Automation - Allen Bradley Co all in USA, and Research Engineer at Koncar Co, Zagreb, Croatia. He is IEEE Life Fellow and a member of National Academy of Engineering (NAE) USA and a member of Connecticut Academy of Science and Engineering (CASE). He holds the position of Adjunct Professor at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. He was a recipient of IEEE - 2020 Gerald Kliman Innovation Award “For the contributions to the theoretical and practical advancements of regenerative converters and electrical drives”. Dr. Blasko has published more than 50 papers and holds more than 30 patents. His areas of research interest are electrical aircraft power propulsion systems, power electronics, modern AC drives, distributed energy systems, and applied modern control theory and technology.

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