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Automated Functional Verification of Devices in Consumer Electronics

Ivan Kastelan, MSc.

University of Novi Sad

Predavanje će bit održano u petak 5. srpnja 2013. godine s početkom u 10:15 u Sivoj vijećnici Fakulteta elektrotehnike i računarstva.

Predavanje je otvoreno su za sve zainteresirane, a posebno pozivamo studente diplomskog i poslijediplomskog studija.

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This lecture will present the system which aims to overcome the mentioned problems by automatically verifying devices on the final production line in consumer electronics industry. The system is the result of research by the Institute RT-RK and Faculty of Technical Sciences, Novi Sad. The system is called BBT, which stands for Black Box Testing, the methodology of testing it uses. It is suitable for verification of digital TV sets, set-top-boxes, DVD and Blu-ray devices. Verification is performed by automatically running test sets, sending commands to the device under test, grabbing the state on the TV screen and comparing the observed with the referent screen content. Further research allowed verification of multiple devices and the verification of TV sets by observing it from the user’s perception, using camera. The lecture will also present the newest research in extending this system to automatically verify devices with touchscreens.



Ivan Kastelan, received the BSc and MSc degrees in electrical and computer engineering from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, University of Novi Sad, Serbia in 2008 and 2009 respectively. He received the award for the best student of the Faculty of Technical Sciences in 2008. He is currently pursuing the PhD degree and working as a teaching assistant in the Computer Engineering and Communications Department. He is also a research assistant in RT-RK Institute for Computer Based Systems. During MSc studies he was an intern in Micronas GmbH where he worked in the field of synthesizable assertions for verification of digital systems. He was an exchange PhD student in Universität Freiburg for 4 months where he worked in the field of channel modelling. His current research interests include digital system design and algorithms. During the PhD studies he worked on the hardware and algorithms for automated verification of digital television sets and touchscreen-based devices. He is currently a coordinator deputy and work package leader in the EU FP7 project “E2LP – Embedded Engineering Learning Platform”. He published 2 papers in international journals and 25 conference papers. He is a co-author of 4 technical solutions and 2 patents.

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