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System Design Problems In Polar Transmitters,


koje će održati Richard Booth, PhD (Vice President Systems Engineering, Eridan Communications, Inc., Santa Clara, CA, USA).


Predavanje će se održati u utorak, 25. rujna 2018. u 15:00 sati u Seminaru Zavoda za radiokomunikacije (C12-02), XII kat. Sažetak predavanja i životopis predavača pročitajte u nastavku obavijesti.

Abstract: This presentation will introduce polar modulators as a means for efficient RF signal amplification with applications in wireless communications and discuss the motivation, the state of the art and the challenges of practical realization. 

Short bio: Richard Booth received his BS from MIT in 1969 and his PhD from USC in 1974, all in Electrical Engineering. He is a radio systems design and implementation engineer and has designed receivers, frequency synthesizers, transmitters, slotted wave guide antennas and various phase locked systems. His current interest is the design of polar or envelope elimination and restoration RF transmitters at all power levels and frequencies up to 3 GHz. He has worked mostly at small companies and startups and was most recently retired from Panasonic R&D. Dr. Booth has 25 patents and several publications. These have covered the areas of frequency synthesis and signal processing for the generation of polar signals. Currently, he is leading a team designing RF products in Gallium Nitride. This involves design, simulation, construction and troubleshooting. In his spare time he plays with his dogs.


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