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Towards Future Communications:
Convergent Architectures, Network Economics and User Behaviour
Dr. Peter Reichl, FTW, Wien

Predavanje će se održati u srijedu 26. rujna u 11:00 sati u Bijeloj vijećnici Fakulteta elektrotehnike i računarstva, Unska 3, Zagreb. Predavanje će biti na engleskom jeziku.

Predivo trajanje predavanja je 60 minuta. Poslije predavanja bit će prilike za pitanja i diskusiju te neformalno druženje.

Telecommunications research can no longer be considered to be pure communications engineering. The convergence of fixed-line and mobile telephony with Internet technology and OSA/Parlay-based service creation has made economic efficiency and user acceptance/usability to crucial factors for the success of the telecommunication business as such. In the emerging new paradigm, a holistic view onto the entire value chain from basic architectural design decisions over convergent service and application creation up to the customer has become indispensable. The resulting interdisciplinary perspective on future communication offers a wide variety of important and interesting research topics, ranging from disruptive technologies and Next Generation Media architectures over the application of economic concepts to networking problems ("Internet Economics") and the resulting business models to efficient assessment methods for user perceptual QoS and the evaluation of new interface and interaction technologies with the end customer. This talk will provide a survey on this multidisciplinary research area. After a brief introduction into general trends in telecommunications, we start with recent activities in the area of Next Generation Networks (NGN) and describe an open-source testbed for 3G IMS (IP Multimedia Subsystem). The problems related to IMS charging lead us immediately to the more general topic of Internet Economics as a new paradigm for understanding communication networks as economical rather than technical systems. We discuss recent proposals for QoS-based charging and congestion pricing, before we demonstrate how to use the underlying micro-economic theory of utility also for a quite different context, i.e. for deriving a novel metric for the interactivity of VoIP conversations. The results serve as prerequisite for perceptual quality tests performed in our HTI (Human - Telecommunication Systems Interaction) Lab. Finally, we introduce LiLiPUT (Lightweight Lab Equipment for Portable User Testing) as a recent extension of this lab which allows flexible user test of future mobile applications "in the wild". The talk concludes with a summary and some perspectives on future research.

O predavaču:

Peter Reichl has studied mathematics, physics and philosophy in Munich and Cambridge (UK). After receiving his diploma he was member of the scientific staff at RWTH Aachen, Bell Labs (Murray Hill, NJ), and ETH Zurich, where he finished his PhD thesis on tariff and traffic modeling for the Internet. Since 2001, he is working as Key Researcher at the Telecommunications Research Center Vienna (ftw.), being responsible for the research area "Economic and User Aspects of Telecommunications" and leading several strategic and application-oriented projects in the areas of Internet Economics, Human-Computer Interaction, wireless networks and 3GPP IMS. Dr. Reichl has published more than 70 scientific papers in the areas of Internet Economics, mobile and wireless networks, user-perceived QoS, traffic engineering, network management and performance evaluation. From 2001 to 2006, he served as co-chair of the annual international workshop series on "Internet Charging and QoS Technology" (ICQT, and was active as co-editor of several special journal issues on Internet Economics, e.g. with the Journal of Computer Communications and the Journal of Computer Networks. His teaching experience includes a variety of tutorials for an industry-related audience at FTW as well as academic courses, e.g. as Distinguished Guest Lecturer on "Fundamentals of Telecommunication Economics" at TU Graz.

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