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"Optimization and AI Problem Solving with Knowledge"

koje će održati prof. dr. sc. Kalyanmoy Deb u ponedjeljak, 22. veljače 2021. godine, u 16.00 sati putem platforme Zoom. Predavanje se održava na engleskom jeziku i otvoreno je za sve zainteresirane, a posebno se pozivaju studenti. Životopis predavača i sažetak predavanja kao i podaci za pristup predavanju nalaze se u nastavku obavijesti.

The talk will be held by professor Kalyanmoy Deb on Monday, 22nd February at 16:00 using Zoom (the lecture is in English). The link to the event is available here, as well as in the remainder of this announcement.

Poveznica na Zoom pristup na zi se ovdje.

Speaker: Kalyanmoy Deb, Koenig Endowed Chair Professor, Michigan State
University, East Lansing, USA

For many years, practitioners were interested in solving problems, including in optimization AI, to find a single acceptable solution. With the advent of efficient methodologies and human quest for knowledge, optimization and AI systems are now embedded with existing knowledge or modified to extract essential knowledge to solve the problem. Efforts to explain AI systems with interpretable rules are also getting attention. In this talk, we present knowledge-involved optimization and AI applications in a variety of different problem solving tasks.

Kalyanmoy Deb is Koenig Endowed Chair Professor at Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in Michigan State University, USA. Prof. Deb's research interests are in evolutionary optimization and their application in multi-criterion optimization, modeling, and machine learning. He has been a visiting professor at various universities
across the world including University of Skövde in Sweden, Aalto University in Finland, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, and IITs in India. He was awarded IEEE Evolutionary Computation Pioneer Award for his sustained work in EMO, Infosys Prize, TWAS Prize in Engineering Sciences, CajAstur Mamdani Prize, Distinguished Alumni Award from IIT Kharagpur, Edgeworth-Pareto award, Bhatnagar Prize in Engineering Sciences, and Bessel Research award from Germany. He is fellow of IEEE, ASME, and three Indian science and engineering academies. He has published over 550 research papers with Google Scholar citation of over 155,000 with h-index 122. He is in the editorial board on 18 major international journals. More information about his research contribution can be found from https://www.coin-lab.org.

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